Nov 11, 2010

On being a man

Ian has very clear ideas about what makes a man a man.  First they must know how to chop firewood, shoot a gun, screw things real good (his words for using a drill!!  Get your head out of the gutter! lol), uses man wash (body wash that smells like cologne) and likes very specific types of food.  He is very eager to learn these skills and tastes.  In fact he is dang proud of himself when he does.  He practices being a real man whenever he can, ".......cause mom, real men are cool.  They know how to do all lot of great stuff.  Mom am I ready to be a real man yet?"  "Hey mom, when I become a dad (aka a man) will I be able to take apart everything and put it all back together?)  These are common questions that need to be asked at least once a day.

I told him it is his job to be my escort whenever we go out (said jokingly at the time) and now this little man boy holds my hand everywhere we go to make sure he is being a good escort "....cause mom, real men like to hold hands with girls they love right?"

This sweet boy just melts my heart.

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