Nov 16, 2010

Putting the fields to sleep

The harvest is over and most of the fields around us lay quiet now.  There is still some field work to be done but most have finished.  We are surrounded by an alfalfa field right now.  A couple of weeks ago they were still watering the fields and now all is put away.  The winds have come and with it a bone chilling cold.  This old house creaks and moans like I have never heard before.  The windows rattle with each pounding the wind gives.  And yet oh how I love autumn!  

{The wide open space here is quickly becoming something I look forward to seeing in the morning.} 

{Fallen leaves outside my door make me smile.  We never rake because I love fallen leaves.  The winds have scattered the leaves every which way now.  I love watching them dance and fly in the wind!}

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