Nov 23, 2010

Snowed In

The wind was fierce last night.  Every time I woke up the house seemed to be shaking because of the wind.  We woke this morning to find a region wide blizzard alert in effect.  Basically said that no human should be outside unless their life depended on it.  So we hunkered down and spent the day inside....except for my brief foray into the wind (and 20 seconds of sunshine) for a few pictures.

{This is the view that made me bundle up and go outside.  If I could have taken a deep breath I would  have soaked it up.  However the wind was so fierce I was trying not to choke!}

{This drift winds itself around the entire west and south side of our house.}

{A relatively small amount of snow considering our door faces west, the way the winds blow.}

{Marigolds that until last week were actually still looking a little happy.}

{These last two pictures are to share with everyone just how drafty/windy our home is.  The top here is the plastic on the inside of the front room window.  If you look closely you can see it is pushed out at good 6-8 inches from the window frame.  The bottom picture shows the front door.  Notice the snow on the right hand corner?  This is taken after the kids went out and ate most of it.  The snow this morning went from one side of the door to the other.  It was about 4 inches deep and came away from the door about 3 inches.  Gotta love a nice square door and the gaping holes (that even weatherized) still let everything in.  This door/porch is #2 on our to-do list next spring.}

Hope you all are enjoying the weather wherever you are!


Mr. H. said...

It's blowing snow and cold in our neck of the woods too. Stay warm and have a great Thanksgiving.:)

Savannah McQueen said...

All of the pictures are very pretty but the one of the front door could be a Christmas card.

Kim said...

I like the picture of the door too! I haven't yet picked our Christmas card, maybe I will use your idea! :)