Jan 6, 2011

Exercise Part 1

My love of food, my age (30 is a mere 6 months away!), and my general laid back life (no that is not code for lazy) have made it so I must get off my butt this year!  I made the comment to Dean today that I would love exercise a whole lot if I could look in the mirror say "Hey I want to be this size today", go do a few sit up and BANG it was done.  Unfortunately  that is not the case and I have to say it saddens me.  I have no patience nor motivation.  This has been a life long struggle for me.  I would rather read a book on exercise than actually do it.  Sad I know but there you have it.

Last night after watching some incredible yoga videos I decided to get working.  I warmed the ol' muscles up and amazingly did very well.  I am not to far off from accomplishing my goal pose.  As I figured my back flexibility is long gone.  However I was able to do a fairly decent split.  Not too shabby if I may say so! 

So tonight we are pulling out the yoga DVDs and doing a little yoga session.  I am so excited to actually be working out.

{This is my favorite pose ever.  I used to do this when I talked on the phone as a teenager.  I think that kind of goes against the point of yoga but I was 15 so the rules didn't matter! }


Nicole said...

I love yoga! The plow is one of the hardest poses for me...glad it's one of your favorites!
Can't wait until this baby comes so I can do something other than sleep.

Kim said...

Isn't yoga awesome! I can't wait to see your new little guy! Enjoy the sleep while you can because once he is here you won't have any of it!