Jan 23, 2011

Goal Updates

Photography-  I haven't started this goal yet.  I am waiting on a few books to come in on inter library loan.  If If am not able to get them I will purchase a few next month.  I can't wait to get started on this one!

{Jet streams one very cold morning at sunrise.}

Scriptures-  I suck.  Really truly I stink at this one.  I must work harder.

Cooking-  This one has gone pretty good so far.  I have gone out of my comfort zone to use different foods than I have before.  I still haven't tackled any of the trickier terms of cooking but all in due time.  I have to remind myself that I do not have to accomplish everything in January. :)  I have all year.

{I love this picture!  It makes me happy and it makes me want to eat more Kale.}

Trust-  Amazingly admitting I have an issue with trust has been the biggest blessing!  I have a few things that I have been working on and truthfully they are just not the issues I thought they were.   I think this is one of those "mind over matter" topics for me.

House of Order-  I am coming right along with this one.  I have tackled the unorganized linen closet, gone through the bookshelves and purged what I don't want/use, switched rooms with the kids, and organized all the bedding storage.  I am feeling pretty fantastic with everything in its right place.  That's not to say the house isn't a mess because it is.  I have 4 kids ya know.  But it takes only a minute to get everything picked up.  Next step in this goal:  Paint our bedroom, build some shelves for the kids room, and make curtains for the bedrooms.

{These bright boxes were on clearance for less than a dollar at a local store. Easy to store all of our extra random toiletries.  Each is labeled and the lid stays on.  So far the closet has stayed nice and tidy AND we have been able to find everything.}

{Our new bedroom.  The paint has to go as I am not a fan of the blue.  The shelf in the corner is actually 100 yr old kitchen cabinets from the old house we lived in.  I screwed them together to make a cute corner cabinet.  Not sure if I will leave the distressed paint or not.}

Knowing my blessings-  This last 2 weeks have been really fantastic.  I have found that the more I look for the blessings the more there are.  I know that sounds silly but I think that a lot of times we get so wrapped up in all that is wrong that we can't clearly see what is right.  I know that I have a lot  to be thankful for in my life but when I let depression wear on me, I just don't see it.  This week even when I was struggling I felt myself looking around, taking a deep breath, and thinking "Man I am so blessed and for that I am thankful."  This has been a huge step for me because for months now I have been so very doom and gloom.  I am glad I am returning to the land of the living and the optimistic. :)

{A banner I made for over the piano as a little reminder.  Every time I walk into the kitchen it makes me smile.}

Have a great week everyone.

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