Mar 25, 2011

Out the back door

{The beautiful girls that would have started laying anytime had they made it through the first 2 weeks.  The speckled one now lives about a mile down the road on a very pastoral setting surrounded by trees.  She caught a ride in my brothers truck and jumped out when she saw fit.  I have a feeling she isn't coming back}

{I just loved the color of this picture.}

 {We live in an old house that was the original house built on this homestead 3 generations ago.  On the property are quiet a few old buildings.  This is the old chicken coop built on the back of the main barn.}

{We have a few old posts and gates still left from the corralls.}

{We have lots of leaning fences here.  Some with assorted colors of moss and others without.  Either way I am a fan of leaning fences and will take many pictures.}


Nicole said...

Fun! It looks a bit like my parents old homestead property. We're excited to see you and your family!

Kim said...

Can't wait to see you guys either! The house reminds me of your parents house too, although it is nothing like it. lol