Mar 3, 2011


Well we made it.  We made it to the new house and have settled in just fine.  Nearly all of the house is unpacked, fresh bread has been made, and lost chickens have been returned.  The last week has been interesting and fun, with more than a few surprises along the way.

{Night before the big move.  Barely more than tip toe room around the boxes.}

The vans transmission went out 3 days before move day.  Needless to say the panic started to creep in a bit.  In the end though all worked out just fine.  We were able to find a great mechanic, a new transmission, and the money to pay for it all!  We also had some really great friends lend us their car so we could still move. 

On moving day I messed my back up to the point that I could not walk.  I found a great chiropractor on Monday who set me to rights and life is much better.  Who knew how much you actually bend over until you can no longer do it!
{The new front froom all picked up and tidy.  There are a few things that I want to do in this room but for now its great.}

Day 1 in the new house brought vistitors.  The neighbors brought over some yummy cookies to welcome us to the neighborhood.  They also brought their dog, who promptly chased and killed 3 of our chickens.  That night he came back and ran all but 1 of the chickens off.  Slowly but surely the chickens have found their way back.  We now are only missing 2. 

All is well and we are settled in right nicely.  We like the house with its quirky wavy old floors and its fantastic large windows.  The house is surrounded by trees which make my heart beat a flutter.  There are 2 barns out back that just call for my camera.  Under all the snow I am sure I will find many more surprises.

{View from the front door.  Still a few things to set to rights here but its coming along quiet well.}

{Laurens new bed came from Grandmas house.  She adores it and I have to say paired with and estate sale quilt its perfectly Lauren.}

Life is good.

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Dallas and Shelby Scoffield said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're getting all settled and are enjoying it there. Sorry to hear about the car and your back- Yuck! I love Lauren's bed!