Apr 5, 2011

Spring will be here soon...

By this time every year I am wrapped up in garden talk, thoughts, and plans.  I usually stand outside and just breath the life in the air.  I anxiously wait for the tender green to poke its way out of the cold ground and I carefully watch and rejoice in the leaf buds gradually becoming full on the trees. 

This year is a weird exception.  We have changed gardening zones so things move a little slower here, not by much, but still noticeable.  The weather most often is still to cold to really enjoy, even those long deep breaths are a little to cold for the lungs.  Every once in a while the sun will peak through the clouds and throw sunshine on the wood floors.  Sometimes the wind will slow and you can finally smell the promise but it only lasts a brief moment and it is gone.

Most often you will still find our family playing and laughing in the house.  The kids run through a million times a day and I just try to get through.  The piano is using going on full volume with Laina at the keyboard and bouncing on the floor. We spend time as a family and I desperately wish for alone time some days.  We spend lots of time reading, solo and together and we spend a lot of time eating.

We have joined Bountiful Baskets and have been enjoying lots of fresh produce (well as fresh as it can be when its flown from Mexico!).  Once the growing season get in full swing the produce  will come from our local area.  Oh how I look forward to real fresh food.  Sunday our family enjoyed a mouth watering Strawberry Shortcake.  Oh my, it was a little slice of heaven and for a brief moment I felt like it was June and eating sun ripened berries.

Have a great day!

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