Apr 27, 2011

This weeks goals

First I would like it known that I have not forgotten about my yearly goals.  I have been plugging away on them quietly behind the scenes.  I will soon share some of the projects that I have been working on but not yet.

So this weeks goals are simple, and yes I realize that I am starting in the middle of the week.  I plan to wrap them up by Saturday night.

1. MUST. START. SEEDS.  I can not put this off any longer or I will be paying outlandish amounts for a bunch of plants raised in commerical steroids.  Just not my cupa tea.

2. Tackle the garage, where I hope to find the camera cable and charger so I may take and upload pictures again.

3. Take a huge heaping pile o'crap to the thrift store for donation.  Really I am tired of extra stuff.  If its been in a box for more than a month it needs to leave this residence.  Really.

4.  Schedule Caitlin for Math tutoring.  Poor kid has inherited my math brain.  It takes hours to pound a concept into her head, and well I am tired of pounding.  A change of scene is much needed for her.

5.  Make our room beautiful.  We ignore our room compared to the rest of the house.  It is just a place to crash at the end of the night.  It functional but nothing else.  I need to change the room up a bit and make it feel more relaxing.

6.  Weed out the 4 wonderful (established) flower beds around the house.  I want to see whats there and think about what to plant. 

7.  Relax.  LOL that may sound crazy but organizing and gardening are my favorite ways to relax and yet still "do" something. 

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