May 21, 2011

Homemade Butter in the Food Processor

I bought cream the other day from a local(ish) dairy with the intent to make butter.  Oh boy did it make butter.  So. Incredible.  A small note here, I didn't plan on making this a tutorial so there are some pictures missing.  If you have any questions please leave me a comment.

 {I started with cold cream from the fridge and my food processor.  Pour the cream in (I used a pint) and turn it on.  Within a minute or two whipped cream begins to form.  Keep it running.  Soon the cream gets really thick.}

 { The cream become so thick it won't even fall off the spoon!  Keep processing it.  Soon the cream will separate from the buttermilk and become clumpy.  Keep going until the clumps are stiffly compacted.  I don't have a pic of this step!  When you take the lid off you will see the buttermilk on the bottom and chunks of light yellow butter all over.  The chunks should be the consistency of a thick cream cheese.  They need to have substance because you will be kneading in water next.}

 {Here is my butter in the foreground.  After you achieve the thick clumps drain the buttermilk from the chunks.  Save the buttermilk if you wish.  Transfer all the butter clumps to a bowl and form into a mass.  Pour cold water over the butter and begin folding the butter over itself and pressing against the sides of the bowl.  This removes the buttermilk and prevents spoiling.  Drain out the water and pour fresh water over butter.  Continue kneading and rinsing until the water runs clear.}

 {Once the water is clear drain the butter one last time.  Knead for a few seconds to makes sure that all the buttermilk has been removed.  Add salt to taste if desired approx 1/2 tsp is average.  Knead to mix in salt}

{Place butter on a piece of wax paper.  Roll to shape into a log form if desired.  Place in the fridge to harden.}

This was such an easy way to making butter.  I tried years ago using a jar and a marble and it did not go well!  Caitlin was so pleased with this project she exclaimed "That is so easy I could do that myself!"  And she could, it really is that simple.

The butter turns out fantastic with a wonderful flavor.

Happy Butter Making.

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Nicole said...

You're becoming quite the photographer! The pics are all beautiful.