Jun 10, 2011

Notes to me

Dear 10 yo me,
You are fantastic.  You are great and you are wonderful how you are.  Stop thinking you look chubby in your hand-me-down swim suit and just play.  Quit worrying about boys, they will be there in a few years.  Always stop and think before making a decision, some choices will impact you for the rest of your life.

Always read, laugh, and try to remember the good times for it will be years before you are easily able to find any. There are some bumpy years ahead, keep your feet on the ground and you'll come out just fine.

Love, Me

Dear 15 yo me,
Oh my, its okay to lay off the drama queen role.  Things are tough, unbearable at times for sure, but you can and will make it through.  You will be okay, and while life is not close to what you thought it would be, you will be fine, maybe even better for it.  Stay calm in the face of chaos.  One day you will be able to put all this behind you and  even forgive.  Just keep breathing.  Be a good friend to those around you for many of them will stay with  you for a lifetime. Pray.

Love, Me

Dear 20 yo me,
Oh how life has surprised you!  Life is good and great but put the past behind.  Don't worry and fret so much.  You are special and wonderful.  Your heart may hurt right now but use it to grow.  You will have the choice to let this moment define you and change  you.  Let it change you, learn from it, grow.  You have so much waiting for you.  Be thankful for all that you have been given.  Stop being stubborn
Love, Me

I wanted to write myself a letter today, something to set aside to read at 40 but nothing is coming.  So instead I have written a list of things I have learned over the last 29 years.  On the eve of my 30th birthday I am feeling pretty thankful for this life I have been given.  I have come through things I thought would kill me and others that have filled me with more happiness then I though possible.  Here is to another fantastic decade full of love and growth.

 *Nothing is ever set in stone.

*Even those you love can/will let you down.

*Forgiveness and acceptance are the two hardest things to do, especially when it comes to those you love.

*French fries taste fantastic dipped ice cream.

*You can never have too much faith.

*Laughter is the best medicine, no matter what life throws your way!

*Friendship is the most powerful blessing in this world.

*A true friend is a light in the darkness.

*All topping combos you can think of taste great on a saltine cracker.

*Love is a gift.

*You cannot have love where disrespect exists. They go hand in hand.

*We are always stronger than we think.

*Always be prepared, especially when skinny dipping.

*A good influence can start at any age and leave a lasting impact on a life.

*Even black sheep can find a flock they are at home in.

*Reading is never a waste of time.

*There are always exceptions to the rules.

*Dean Koontz is the only author I have ever put in the "waste of time category".

*Always tell someone you love them, you never know when they will be gone for good.

*Flowers always make you a little happier.

*Prayer always works, even if we don't want the results.

*A shaking skateboard means abandon ship!

*Some people are gifted with a twisted sense of humor, call them when you really need a pick me up.

*Pain is always funnier when it isn't yours.

*Laugh at your pain, it really does make you feel better.

*Parents are not perfect, they are just as flawed as the rest of us.

*Some of the most hilarious moments are also the most awkward.

*No matter whose fart it is, people blush and giggle.

*Never remove your Grandmas wig even if you do want to show a friend that she is in fact bald from cancer.

*Saying Kraft Jett Puffed Marshmallows a million times a million ways will always bring a smile to your face.

*High school may be fun but it is not the highlight of life.

*Its the small things in life that are the most beautiful.

*Surprise yourself, you never know what good can come of it.

*There is nothing like a baby in your arms, hold tight but not to tight, just love them!

*Never, ever think you can pull off a short hair cut, no matter how cool everyone else looks (see photo above for proof of this!). Curly hair is much different than straight!


Mr. H. said...

Happy Birthday.:)

Paul and Nicole Rhien said...

Happy 30th! I love this post, except for the awful, chubby picture of me. Good thing we grow up (to grow taller out of chubs)