Oct 21, 2011

Autumnn Celebrations

Every changing season the kids and I do a little something to celebrate, or at least notice, the changes around us.  I will admit that I get a little extra satisfaction out of our Autumn tributes.

A few nights ago I spent some time looking through the million different ideas online.  I looked on Pinterest, SouleMama, and a lot of random links.  I checked out the  Rhythm of the Home newsletter and found  craft that was easy and satisfying for us all,  A Seasonal Mobile.

The kids raided all the neighbooring yards for the goods.  They founds a good assortment of textures and colors.  We haven't finished the project yet but on this gloomy Friday I think we will find ourselves sitting around the table stringing up pinecones, dried seed pods, and all manner of leaves and branches.

Autumn nature

Autumn Colors



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