Oct 16, 2011

Closing of a door

Today we packed away Laina's bed and set up her big girl bed, a regular ole' twin bed.  She grinned and grinned when she saw it and if I'm not mistaken stood a little taller.  Our lil' one is growing up oh so quick. 


Tonight I laid down beside her and felt that familiar bittersweet tug.  This lil' one of mine will be 2 in just two short months.  Two.  It seems like just yesterday she would curl herself into me making all those sweet baby grunts.  Its seems like yesterday that she would rest her hand on my chin while she slept in my arms.  The past is so close in my memories but still so far away.

Tonight as she got acquainted with a new bed and the dark, those chubby little fingers reached out for me more than once.  She rubbed my cheek with a sigh, found my nostril with a giggle, and eventually made her way from my hair to my chin where her hand rested for quite a while.


This sweet and sassy girl is the last of our kiddos to go through these little milestones.  Knowing she is our last has turned my attention to the little things just a bit more than before.  One day in the not too distant future I'll find myself sitting here in my favorite chair and think "Boy that was just yesterday.....oh wait that was years ago."  How quickly these moments pass us by.  How quickly it all changes.

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