Oct 7, 2011

SPONSOR GIVEAWAY:: Side Slip Cloche Hat

First off, I want to welcome Cassie from Rustic Needle as our first sponsor!  Woot!  As described by Cassie "Rustic Needle is the place where I can share what I love, knitting."  Please take a moment to check out some of her projects and thoughts.

How did you get involved it knitting?

"Out of necessity.  We were at a time when I couldn't afford to purchase longies for my newborn daughter.   I stumbled along the Tiny Birds Free Soaker Pattern and I went for it."

When did knitting become a passion for you?

"LOL About two days after I finished the Tiny Birds soaker.  It got me hooked and I haven't looked back since."

"What's in your knitting bag today?"

"Secret sock, secret project, hexagon puffs for the Beekeeper Quilt"

You spin as well, what got you interested in spinning?

"LOL I'm too cheap to buy the yarn I want.  Well that is only partially true, it started out as curiosity for the art and then it went from there.  You can see a project that I spun and knit here.  I am entering this project in Rhinebeck."

"How does knitting bring simplicity and contentment to your life?"

"It's like meditation for my fingers.  It sounds funny but its true.  Even when it is a mindless project I find I can hone in all my thoughts and just create something.  It give me an escape from the daily stresses, it centers me."


This autumn loving girls likes a few things in this world.  Autumn leaves, autumn smells and autumn weather.  You see a pattern there?  Autumn.  Autumn is cool but warm, sunny, filled with yellow, red, orange and browns.  This autumn loving girl looks good during this time of year.  Everything matches or compliments my hair. (I know shallow).  The smells are even more fantastic this time of year, everything is going to sleep and the cool air carries burned wood lightly through the air.  Its magical I tell you, I look forward to it every year.  It's what carries me through the blistering heat of summer (anything over 70 degrees that is), the long days of winter, and the rainy mucky days of spring.

So when an Autumn loving girl wakes up on October 7th and looks out her window and sees snow, she is understandably a little irritated.

Snowy grapes

Snowy lillies

BUT there is a silver lining to this sad autumn morning, this sweet little baby.

Side Slip Cloche

Side Slip Cloche

{Pictures taken by my 6yo, Ian.  He wanted you all to know that!}

The Side Slip Cloche.  Cassie has offered this beautiful hat to one I'm Naturally Simple reader.  And I have to say I wish I could enter this giveaway because not only is this hat gorgeous, it fits wonderfully and is soft.  The winner will have one happy head!

Giveaway Closed!!

The lucky winner is #1 Lorraine:

# 1

im hexipuffing too..its funny how that project consumes you ..i love this hat..i think its a style that looks great on everyone..and the color is gorgeous too!

email your shipping information to  Congrats! :)

Lorraine: If you read this again, please send me your address!!!  I have yet to recieve it and  this hat is tempting me too much! :)


lorraine said...

im hexipuffing too..its funny how that project consumes you ..i love this hat..i think its a style that looks great on everyone..and the color is gorgeous too!

knottedfingers said...

I'm a new follower to your blog but would love to be entered <3

Also your 6 year old takes great photos!

MamaTea said...

What a beautiful hat! Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway. :)

I don't knit, but I do crochet. I understand what Cassie is saying about meditation for your fingers. That's a lovely way to describe it. :)

And snow? SNOW? I am jealous! We should be talking about snow here but instead its 80 degrees. What's up with that?

Nice pictures, by the way. Your son is a natural!

Wyndie said...

Beautiful pictures of the snow and ice, although I'm glad I'm not in it. Sorry your autumn was cut so short!

FIrefly said...

That's a beautiful hat-- I love the color! Will have to add this one to my queue. :-)

Mara said...

What a pretty hat! At the opening of a new yarn shop in the town nearest my farm, I was fortunate enough to win some nice yarn and instructions for knitting a hat. I plan to take lessons to refresh my rusty skills. Your site has plopped into my world at just the right time to inspire me! Nice to "meet" you.

Laurie Dimino said...

What a lovely hat! (and a great photographer too I might add!)
Would love to win this beauty. Enjoyed the pictures too.
Farmgirl Sister#1403

Bobbi said...

I would love to win. What a nice looking hat and it looks nice and toazty too. Thanks.

Penny M said...

Thanks for the chance to win this pretty hat...thanks

Dawn said...

Count me in! That's a beautiful hat - great Xmas gift for my daughter. :D

Nicole said...

You look so beautiful in that hat! Beautiful hat for a beautiful lady:)

Brandee McGuire said...

Thanks for the entry~ LOVE the hat~

Marcia said...

I am new here but it looks like a great place to be. I am very interested in winning your beautiful hat. I don't have many hats cause i can never find one i like. But that hat is so wonderful i would love to own and take care of it. Thank you for the chance to win!!

Growing up and in | I'm Naturally Simple said...

[...] forget to enter to win the most wonderful hat.  Give away ends tonight at 8pm! Share [...]

Jenny said...

I would love to win this hat; it's simply gorgeous and would help keep my head warm in this new-to-me-climate where it snows!