Nov 30, 2011

Oh how times flies


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Nine years ago this weekend my husband and I moved into a dumpy little apartment that cost us more than any other housing up to that point.

Nine years ago, left alone in said apartment too exhausted to even think,  I fell asleep on the floor with the warm December sun spilling all around me.

Nine years ago we ignored all the boxes of clothes, dishes and even food just to set up the nursery.

Nine years ago we stayed up past midnight just to figure out how to assemble the nightmare nightstand so just the little lamp would have a place to be.

Nine years ago, 2 hours after falling asleep, I woke to find myself feeling a little "off" with a backache.

Nine years ago I ate yogurt at 3:30am with the fridge door open because the coolness felt lovely.

Nine years ago while panting and panicking, I unpacked box after box trying to find the clock thinking to myself "Is this labor? No it's not....oh wait yes maybe it is....maybe it's not"

Nine years ago after many tears, stress, flashing lights, running, shaking, medicine, and more tears, the sweetest baby was laid on my chest to be welcomed.

It seems like so long ago yet I can remember some details with crystal clarity.  That little babe that met life with such a fright has turned into an amazing, silly, funny, thoughtful and kind person. A girl filled with such infectious laughter that strangers often join in.

This time of year my thoughts always turn to how quickly time passes.  It seems with every blink another year is gone another moment has passed.  With this young girl running around talking about horses (non-stop) and coming up with off the wall jokes, I am so glad that if we are watching we can relish in these little moments and make time go just a bit slower.



Julie said...

Made me tear up a bit. Beautifully written, elegantly said in its simplicity. Thanks for sharing! Love you guys!

Nicole said...

I thought you were going to say she was 6 or 7 years old. She 9?!? Wow, how time does fly. You look so young in the baby picture with her. She looks so happy!

Jane said...

So sweet, and such a great story! I love the picture with her tongue out in the snow :)