Dec 11, 2011

Holiday Favorites

There are traditions that we have here that make me happy.  We make ornaments each year and we pick out one ornament that sums up the big stuff of the year.  We deliver goodies to all our friends and we always pick at least one tag off an Angel/Gift tree.  The kids love helping to pick out that special person that we get to shop for.

There are traditions that I want to start, homemade Christmas pj's (I make them but my MIL does her thing that trumps me), yummy Christmas breakfast (so far they have all been flops!), Christmas Eve with hot chocolate, Dickens, and family games.  We are working on these slowly, introducing more as the kids/us change and adapt.

My personal holiday favorite is making gifts.  Each  year we make most of the gifts we give.  I start thinking in January May about all the special people in our life.  Every year the list is finalized in September and we start gathering supplies.  This year I saw the kids start pondering what to get each other early in the fall.  They came up with a lot of big things, "Oh mom I  must get Caitlin a pony.  She will love it!"  Um yeah she would.... Then the gift ideas started to get a bit more realistic. "I think Ian will love a computer game."  And then the creative spark hit each of them " Mom I want to make Laina a doll, Caitlin a dress, and Ian a pirate patch."  I was so excited to see that the kids excited to give and to create that gift.  Each and every gift that is being made has been tailored to the individual with perfection.  They are all pleased as punch and I have to say so am I.

So as to perhaps inspire others, I am sharing some of the patterns that we have used this Christmas season or ones that have inspired our own creations.  Take a look and create a little something this holiday season!



{Beautiful horse stable from Binkys Woodworking.  You must check out his site!  A barn from this pattern is in the works here.  A little girl is going to be very pleased.}

workbench pic

{Fantastic and simple Childs Workbench from Binkys Woodworking. You must check out all the plans!  Amazing talent.}

pirate pattern

{Felt Pirate pattern from Sewlovetheday.  Caitlin has something similar in the works for the one and only boy in this house.}

i love horses

{EquineExpressionsbyD has beautiful jewelery!  This horse necklace is similar to what Ian has for Caitlin.  He picked everything out and arranged it just so.}

felt food

{If you haven't checked out the felt food on Sweet Emma Jean you must.  Amazing patterns and ideas.  The pretend kitchen we have will be stocked with lots of yummy felt foods!}

Guitar with Dean

{Guitar with Dean offers beginning guitar lessons that even your grandma can understand! (No offense Grandma!!) Really these are simple and clear lessons that will have you playing guitar in no time at all!}

There you have a few of our favorites for Christmas this year.  All the gifts are fun but its the creative process that makes it memorable for all of us.  I hope that as you find yourselves coming up on the last few moments before Christmas, that you will be able to take a few deep breaths and relish in the season, the creating, and most importantly, family.

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