Jan 8, 2012

January Reading

Without fail January is ushered in by an overwheleming desire to read.  After the holidays end and the year closes, its like my mind and soul are ready for a long stretch and a deep breath.  The only place to truly find that is in a good book.  January comes knocking and I walk straight to the library.  There is nothing in this world that comforts and calms me like rows upon rows of books.  The smell, the feel, and the colors are something that ground me.  At times in my life it has felt that the only place I can breath is at the library.

When I was an oh so rebellious teenager I could often be found skipping class to sit in the library.  Big bad rebellion you say?  You have no idea.  I would start my mornings driving to school but somewhere just before 9th street I would get in the other lane, drive right past the school, and down the hill to the library.  My senior year in high school was uneventful because I spent more time at the library than in school (still nailed a 3.8 GPA, I don't know what that says about our school system, me or both....).  I would spend hours in the reference sections reading bits and pieces of astronomy magazines, medical journals, and world newspapers.  I would often eat a bag of something or another and watch the people that passed by.  Business men, tired moms, delinquents who's swearing and tattoos made them invincible to the general rules of respect, and the quiet thinkers who like me found solace in imaginary worlds or black and white facts.

Jan 12 055

My library trips are often still filled with these things, habits that I can not put to rest.  Watching people scan shelves for just that right book makes me smile, like somehow I was part of that matchmaking process.  There is something so right about finding that perfect book and watching another experience that is something to behold.

Jan 12 057

So long and rambly post to get to the point, the point being I have read some great things already this month.

1.  Joy for Beginners by Erica Bauermeister

2. Kindred Spirits by Rebecca Strohmeyer

3. Folks, This Ain't Normal by Joel Salatin (in progress)

4. Gardening and chicken catalogues  (Oh boy the ideas and plans for this year!)


So what are you reading this month?  Any seed company recommendations?


Rachel said...

I'm reading Joel Salatain's book right now too. LOVE it.

Maria said...

I asked for Joel Salatin's book and received it for Christmas - I've just started it and am looking forward to it!!

Monica said...

I too am trying to get through Joel Salatin's book. I agree with much of what he is saying but some times he goes on so I become distracted. I hope it improves or I may have to table it for another many books are calling to me!

Beth K. said...

I recommend Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. They have a lot of variety and no GMOs.
I bought from them last year and it was great! Now if the cucumber beetles hadn't come it would have been better...

Allison said...

I really want to read that book. Let me know what you think. I found your blog on the barnstead hop:)


Heather said...

I have the Joel Salatin book on reserve at the as soon as someone returns a copy I hope to get it. I just started Catching Fire, the second in the Hunger Games trilogy. I also just started Lord of the Rings, which I have never read before but figured I probably should. Also an urban homesteading book...I am big on reading as well...and tend to have several books going at the same time.

Connie said...

I too love reading...just never seems to be enough hours in my day.

Great blog.