Jan 11, 2012

Smoothie Madness

As part of my health themed year I knew I had to add more fruits and veggies to my diet.  I don't have a hard time eating fruits and vegetables but I knew that I needed to add more.  For those who aren't aware, I have Endometriosis.  This causes all sorts of freaky things in my body each month in relation to my cycle.  As part of my nutritional maintenance of this pesky disease I must have lots of fiber from fruits and vegetables.  Grain fibers cause inflammation and therefore cause issues for me.  I also have to stay away from dairy products and meats unless they are organic or raw.  I live in a rural errr.... traditional area so access to organic or raw products are limited.  So its me and the fruits and veggies.

Since the beginning of the year I have made a point to make a smoothie every day, twice most days.  I am able to whip a lot of food up and not have to feel overwhelmed from the solid state of the food.  I make a lot to share with the kids and hubby.  So far we haven't had a bad combo.

Smoothies are wonderfully forgiving and if you aren't a big fan of greens, they are perfect for hiding them.  This comes in handy when the kids balk at eating a plate full of spinach or kale.  There are hundreds of recipes out there as well as books but honestly they are hard to mess up.  Here are two that we have enjoyed this last week.

Kale Berry Smoothie

Kale  {High flavonoid content causes Kale to be an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant,  aids in detox and lowers risk of cancer.}

Marionberries {Anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogen and fights free radicals}

Pineapple {Digestive aid, provides relief of arthritis and sinusitis, anti-inflammatory, discourages blood clots, discourages plaque growth}

Banana {Aids normal heart and blood pressure functions, protects against ulcers, high in fiber}

Celery Stalk {High in Vitamin C, immune support, diuretic, lowers blood pressure}

Ground Flax {High Omega-3, anti-inflammatory, high fiber, anti-carcinogen, hormone balancing}

Ground Almonds {Protects against heart disease, diabetes, improve blood, healthy fat and high protein}

Lime Juice (antioxidant, antibiotic, immune boosting, anti-carcinogen, protection against rheumatoid arthritis}

Tangerine Green Tea (I leave out the mint) {Anti-carcinogen, fights heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and stroke. Fights free radicals.}

***This smoothie is a bit gritty because of the Marionberry seeds.  Blueberries could be substituted***

Kale Berry Smoothie


Kale Berry Smoothie with flax and almond

{I don't measure when making smoothies.  For the almonds and flax I just pour some in my coffee grind and pulse away.  The flax generally covers just the bottom of my grinder while the almonds cover the top of the blade.  Just to give you an idea.}

Kale Berry Smoothie

{I put a bit of Kale on top for the picture....I wouldn't suggest drinking it. }

Fruity Spinach Smoothie

Pineapple {See above}

Blueberries {Promotes nervous system and brain function, low glycemic index, antioxidant, boost memory, strengthen cardiovascular system}

Lemon (See lime above}

Spinach {Help repair digestive damage, high iron, high vitamin K, supports healthy blood function, anti-inflammatory}

Strawberries {Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, improves cardiovascular and blood functions}

Ground Flax Seed {See above}

Ground Almonds {See above}

Tangerine Green Tea {See above}

Spinach Smoothie

 As you can see a smoothie can pack a wallop of good nutrition into one little glass.  Hmmm now I think I need another yummy concoction!

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