Jan 3, 2014

Word of the Year

As many of you know I choose one word each year to "live by" rather than a list of meaningless goals.  Last years theme was "choose" and boy did I choose.  I spent the better part of the year choosing to be grouchy, ornery and feeling sorry for myself.  Not exactly what I had in mind when picking that word.  But it's a new year and with some new structure in place I am hoping that I can cope a bit better.

I have spent a few moments here and there trying to come up with the word for this  year but I'll admit it's tough.  At first I thought I would choose "Create" except I've already done that one (2012).  Dang it!  Everything else I tried on just didn't fit.  And then in the midst of a hellish emotional week I figured out my word.  "Live". 

The word is perfect for what I want to accomplish this year.  For whatever reason (and I will write more about this later) as I've grown older I've also experienced more severe depression than ever.  Anyone who battles depression knows how it can suck you under without a heads up "Oh hey Kim, I know life is grand but on March 22 you will no long function. FYI".  Seriously that would be a most helpful memo to receive.  Anyway as my depression gets worse so does my anxiety (again, I will write more about that later).  What these 2 things do to me is rob me of life.  I end up on auto pilot for stretches of time only to surface again and feel like I've missed out on everything around me.

So this years word is Live.  I will live in the present.  I will choose to Live healthier which includes so much more than just food.  I will work on living the life I imagine.  

What's your theme for the year?  Do you  prefer resolutions?

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