Jun 11, 2008

Why we homeschool

I posted this answer a year ago on our family blog but when I was reading one of my fav blogs today Mt Hope Chronicles, I stumbled upon her list. It is identical to mine however much much more eloquntly written and in depth. So here you are this is why we homeschool also. Mt Hope

Things are going good in our plan for 1st grade. Just about got everything done and ready. I need to order some timeline figures, the student pages for Story of the World, put together the scince box and get the final reading list done. I am going to start getting more books and adding them to our collection. I think I will be leaving library time to personal/fun reading instead of school. The kids love going to the library and reading on the huge snail. :)

Tomorrow we are going to spend a few hours at a friends house. This is our homeschooling buddy that we will be getting together with a couple days a week once school starts. We will just let them be kids and once in a while organize some art/science type thing. I look forward to it.

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