Sep 23, 2008

Paper making

We have been falling behind in science. Well, that implies that we have done science lately and we haven't. We were out of ink in the printer for quite a while so I didnt print the stuff off. Anyway now we are back on track. This last week we talked about recycling. We made paper to show that things can be made into other things by mixin' it up a bit. Caitlin loved it and her paper turned out great.
This is a pic (very bad one sorry) of the paper drying. It was supposed to take 2 days but we talked it outside in the hot sun and baked it! :) It was ready to go in just a few hours.

The lesson really stuck with her too. Last night she came into the kitchen with a plastic bottle and said "I am pretending I found this on the side of the road. Now I am going to take it to my kitchen and make it into something else. ya know, like recycle it." LOL it was pretty cute.

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