Oct 23, 2008

An update

It has been brought to my attention today (Thanks Liz!) that I havent updated for a long time.

We are plugging along with Math and Reading. Caitlin still loves math and the things we were struggling with earlier in the term have now been overcome. She has started doing a lot more independently and is taking pride in the fact that she knows her numbers and knows what comes before and after. She is doing great with Reading also. We are on lesson 40 in our book. She is memorizing a lot of site words and is becoming a lot faster on her skills. Its great to see her picking out words in other places than just her books.

Art Poetry is going great. We have covered William Blake (a personal favorite), Sara Teasdale, Emily Dickinson, Christina Rossetti, Charles Lamb, and Rudyard Kipling. I have the kids close their eyes while I read the poem through one time. The we talk about what the poem means and the choose key words and then draw or paint them. They love doing it and often beg for extra poems throughout the week. Next term I will schedual at least 3 poems a week because they do love them so much.
History is going great. We just covered Ancient China on Monday. We were supposed to make Ming Bowls but we lost motivation and I didnt have all the fun things we needed (like clay). Ian really likes being part of our history studies. Both the kids can pick out Egypt, India, China on the map and also the Tigris, Euphrates, Indus, Yangteze and Nile rivers. They love to talk about it.

Our time line book that I made is working out really well. The kids like to paste their person (or place) in the book and then flip through until they find their pictures. It gives them a visual for how long ago it was I guess. They think it is pretty cool.
So there is a pretty lame run down of the last few weeks. I have pics but they are stuck on the camera until I go to Wal-Mart tonight. I will try and spiff things up a bit here in the next few days.

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