Sep 16, 2008

We are back

Okay now that we have pictures to make the blog a little more worth while I am back to blog.

We are a week behind "schedual" because we were all sick last week. We did a little here and there but really we just laid low and relaxed. The kids are feeling much better this week and things are back to sailing along.

SOTW- Loving it! Anyone who is thinking about getting I suggest the audio cd's also. They have come in handy this week as I was wanting to catch us up a bit. I put them in the computer and play them as we work on map work and activity pages. The best of both worlds.

Our nile river model turned out great. The kids took the grass and planted it outside today, in my planter. :) At least I have my pie tin back now. We were going to make Joseph many colored coat yesterday but I didnt have the paint here. So I instead we made this little guy : Joseph The kids really liked it and they are now hung proudly on the wall.

Math is going great. Things are a little slow sometimes since Cailtins number recognition is still struggling, but she is making fast progress. She taught herself subtraction the other day. SHe is quite pleased with herself.

I have switched our science up a bit. I was originally doing it only on Fridays but that wasnt working at all. We are only on week 3 for science even though we are on wk6 with everything else. So I am breaking science up over 3 days, T, W, TH so that Friday can be for whatever we want. Tomorrow we will be making paper, so check out for pictures, they should be interesting! :)

Here Cailtin in making her Cuneiform a few weeks ago. She really liked this project. Tip though, use white flour only. lol Wheat is a bit difficult to work with.

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