Aug 27, 2008

We watered and it grew

Our grass is growing from our mini nile river. The kids are totally thrilled with it. On monday we made cuniform tablets. They are drying right now but the kids plan on painting them when they are dry. We are schedualed to mummify our chicken this week but I think we may put it off until next weekend. We'll see though.
Caitlin is doing good with reading. Once again I am so glad we switched.
I have found the way to get her to write without thinking she is doing writing is to have her write lists, play games ect. Just with the few little sneaky things I have done her writing is improving slowly but surely. I am still waiting to get her cursive program. I just cant make up my mind yet.
Art/Poetry is working out well. The kids are enjoying it a lot. I make them close their eyes (which mean they scrunch up their noses and cover their eyes lol) and listen to the poem. This helps them think about the words instead of everything else in the world. Then they draw their pictures. Caitlins today was really great. I will post some pictures and the poems as soon as we get a new charger for the camera batteries.
I want to plan a field trip here soon. We need to mix it up a bit.

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