Jan 25, 2009

My boyfriend

So a week or so ago we were driving home and Dean and I were talking. We were joking about something or another and Dean said something to the effect of "Why? So you can have your boyfriend over?" We laughed and then (knowing the kids were listening) I said "I dont have a boyfriend." Caitlin pops up with "Yes you do mom, you have Austin."

UMMMM hmmmmm uhhhhhhh.

Dean bursts out laughing "What!? Who is Austin?" At this point I am racking my brain trying to figure out who in the world Austin is. I keep thinking about Facebook trying to think if someone I know on there is named Austin. I am coming up blank. I am blushing and fumbling and laughing so hard. Then Caitlin pops up again with "yes mom Austin you know the one you have a pictureof." Oh Boy! Now Dean and I are really laughing and I am really red.

Then it hits me....of couse I know an cousin......and yes I have a picture of him.....from his graduation from high school this year. Caitlin carried it around for quite a while because she said " He is a very good looking boy." Anyway the whole thing was hilarious and we laughed for quite a while.

So fast forward to yesterday. Dean ripped out the bench seat in the dining room and in the post sweep there was the picture of Austin. I picked it up just as Caitlin walked in the room. I said "Hey here, its your boyfriend" and Ian squeals "Ohhh is it Austin?" :D

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Nicole said...

your kids are so cute!