Jan 28, 2009

Simplifying in February

This year I decided to work on simplifying my life. Its way to chaotic for me most of the time. I admit I am a control freak (I know GASP! What Kim, a control freak you say? Never.) and I am tired of it. I just want to have things simple so I dont feel like I have to control everything. Mostly thats my own issue but.....anyway so this year I wanted to focus on a few areas of our life that could use a little fine tuning. You can see the list on the side column. Anyway for February I picked finances. I figured most of us are doing the tax thing this time of year that it is a perfect time to get things whipped into shape. So for February (f) and this year (y) my goals for our finances are:

1. Pay off X amount of debt (amount set by Dean and I)(y)
2. Get a set filing system and stick to it(f)(y)
3. Arrange online bill pay for all bills and pay on payday.(f)(y)
4. Save $20 every payday(y)
5. No eating out for the month of February to see just how much money we will save.(f)
6. Buy everything we need (other than food ewwww!) used unless it is not available.(f)
7. Stick to our budget(y)
8. Only go to Twin 2 times a month on grocery day. Save all other errands for this time.(y)

We have some big changes coming this year (you'll find out later) so some of this may be a little difficult but I am up for the challange. I am also hoping to put together some info on money saving tips, we'll see if I get there.

On another topic, I am doing great on the 52 book challange and am actually a little ahead of the game. I am in need of a few good book suggestions so give me a hand if you have any. I am thinking of tackling Pride and Predjudice next and possibly some F. Scott Fitzgerald. Who knows. I am game so share some suggestions!


Monica said...

Hello Kim, Loving your simplfying ideas and mindset! Wanted to suggest "For The Children's Sake by Macaulay, also any of John Holt's books...Hidden Art of Homemaking is a great one too.

Nicole said...

A good book for finances is "Debt Free on any income" We got it when we were first married and use it weekly. It comes with a budget setup with excel. It's really great.

LeCheminant said...

Have you read any John Grisham? Jeremy got me into them. They aren't bad.

Kim said...

Thanks for the book suggestions. I will see if the library has them and get reading. :)