Jan 17, 2009

Nothing new

Like you couldnt tell huh. I know I am boring as of late. Nothing to talk about really. Things have been going smooth here. I expect that to change here within a week or so. We start school again on Monday. Oh yippee. Okay really I am not the upset by it and hopefully this semester wont be such a shock to my system. The classes I am taking are going to be alot easier I think. At least not as demanding anyway. Dean will have his hands full with quite a few heavy load classes. It should be an interesting 16 weeks here at the Tubbs party. All of you who have to talk to me on a fairly frequent basis I apologize up front. I may be insane for a while. Sorry.

Speaking of school I will be deleting crescent ridge here shortly. No point in keeping it up as I suck on updating that blog too. Plus homeschooling is one of the things that makes our life so freakin' messy and fun. We love it so why not include it on the family blog ya know what I mean. Plus then some of you who dont read that one will actually get to see some of the fun things we do (when I think to post them that is). I imported all of the old posts so if you are interested you can now read them on this blog.

LOL want any Ian funny. Today I had to take him into the fabric store with me since he needed to use the bathroom for the 3rd time in 2 hours. Anyway we are walking to the very back of the store and at the top of his lungs (Ians quiet voice) he says....

"Hey mom dont you think it would be funny if I was a phonician?" LOL

There were quite a few ladies who laughed with me. We have been listening to the cd's of The Story of the World and the kids love the phonician chapter. They walk around telling everyone they smell like a man from Tyre. (An insult in ancient history apperently. People from Tyre smelled bad becuase of the snails they boiled for purple dye.) Anyway life is interesting around here as always.

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Nicole said...

I've started all of my beginner students on "Faber's piano adventures". It's good for children 6 and older. For ones that can't read well yet, the "Alfred's little mozarts" is really cute and great for the younger students.
I like the idea of two blogs. I might start one just for me.