Feb 16, 2009

A post in pics

My new haircut. I hate it. Everyone else likes it. I am glad my hair grows fast, very fast. I am waiting for the next month. I hate it, did I mention that.

The garden. Oh my sweet wonderful garden. The snow is slowly melting and I am plotting and planning away in here. I cant wait to get outside and work with the soil. Ahhhhh come spring and warmth and fresh little veggie sprouts.
My valentines flowers. Ahhh Dean is such an awesome husband. My favorites are both here, tulips and lillies. Cant beat that. They are wonderful , smell divine, and make me smile everytime I pass them.
The new wall charts. I got a killer deal on this bad boys and already they are a big help and teaching tool. Love them!
Caitlins little body, and I do mean little. The girl is a toothpick. Its so sweet and sad at the same time. Nothin sticks to her and she keeps getting taller. Anyway this here is a pic of her body that we are doing for science. So far we have done the respiritory, cardiovascular, and skeletal systems. We covered the nervous system today but havent gotten a brain glued up there yet. :) She has all the parts labled. We will work on this project for a few more weeks before we head into plants.
The front yard. Out there under the snow drift are some cute little fruit trees. Someday I will have fruit on them, someday when my kids are grown and gone I am sure of it.
Miss Laurens cute little crawling bum. She is almost walking but slips on these floors. (I still love the wood though!)
My silly boy. That sums it up.
An equally silly girl but who posseses a bit more spunk and sass. Gotta love it, she's like her mamma.

And last but not least the sweetheart in the family. Poor girl is destined to be the peace maker. After all she only has to look at one of us when we are freaking out, smile and say some baby noise and we all melt and give her kisses. Really it happens all the time.
Have a great week everyone.


Thompson Family said...

Looks like you have been busy, busy!! BTW I think your hair looks cute...I am shocked that you cut it though-I noticed Katelyns hair is short too! Hearing you talk about your garden makes me wish so much that I had a house with a fun yard to work in...someday-hopefully in the near future!

Dallas and Shelby Scoffield said...

I haven't seen the hair in real life, but the pics are adorable! Who cut it? I like your Mini-me's haircut too.

You are hereby dubbed my gardening mentor. I want to know exactly what you do and when you do it K? You know how pitiful I am and how much I need help....take pity on your sad unknowledgeable friend.

Nicole said...

I've discovered oriental trading company. It has school supplies for cheep and in bulk. If you haven't already...check it out.

Thompson Family said...

Thats crazy about your sister! I totally remember her. too bad I wasn't friendly enough to talk to her ;( We were out in the front for about 30 min. Scotty was gone for v-day and I decided to take the kids to the moves by myself...brave! McKenna did good until the last 30 min she wanted ot crawl around and I wouldn't let her!