Feb 16, 2009

Money and Heating

So right off the bat this was probably the worst month to do finance simplifying. Really it has been nearly pointless to have some of those goals. Like eating out. Normally we dont do a whole lot of this anyway because really everything is so nasty and unhealthy, but this month we have gone out more than we have in probably the last 6 months!! We have had an abnormally busy month that has included things that we couldnt plan for. So that goal will head on over to Marchs goals.

We have done really great on spending though (not that we spend a lot to begin with). I got all the kids books for school this coming year and the garden seeds, bushes and trees. We have stumbled onto some really awesome deals. It has saved us a lot of money and I am so thankful for it.

So to anyone wondering if a woodstove is a good purchase I will tell you right now it is! We have LOVED it this year. We have to figure out how much wood we have used for next year. The great thing is though, we have save A TON of money on our electric bill (our heater is electric). Last year our average electric bill this time of year was nearly $200. (Our insulation stinks if you cant tell!) This year we are much less at under $80. The investment has been very worthwhile. We have already gotten all our money back that we put out. Do you want a woodstove? Go get one. Now. They are great.

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Nicole said...

Our new place came with a fireplace, but no fans or way to get the heat further than a few feet from the fire. It's nice to have for roasting marshmallows.