Feb 4, 2009

Laurens first word

Things have been smooth lately. Probably shouldnt have typed that one huh? A friend shared some gardening catalouges with me, and well since I am a sucker for that stuff, my list is now as long as my arm. Sadly I will have to trim it down, alot. The goal this year is fruit trees and bushes. I want raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, oh my! Anything sweet delicious and beautiful is welcome in my garden. Now lets hope I dont kill them all. :D

Lauren said her first word yesterday...twice....the word you wonder? Fan. Yes thats right, not mama, dada, or even ball. No the sweet girl points to the ceiling fan and clear as day says "Fan".
Ian likes to take apart everything he can get his hands on. I was walking through the house this morning trying to find him for a picture. This is exactly how I found him. He smiled and said "Oh hi mom." "What are you doing buddy?" "Oh nothing, I was just playing." "Uh huh um whats your hand in the lamp for?" "Oh I was just checking things. The lamp told me its light didnt work and that I should make sure the light wasnt sick." Where does the kid get this stuff? :)Through this entire exchange he dosent loose that smile, it never even falters. Nor does his hand move from the light bulb.

oh oh oh, how could I forget. We bought a bright shiny new camera. It is wonderful. I could hold it all day and never tire of it.

Caitlin is flying right through her math. She loves it and is constantly counting and measuring, adding and subtracting.

The kids are loving school lately. Ian has started writing, just a little here and there but he is doing well. The above pictures are in crayon drawn on sandpaper. (The top drawings are the before) You draw whatever you want and then put them in the oven on 225 for 30 seconds. The crayon melts into the grit and gets brighter and more vivid. You cant tell all that much in the pictures becuase of my shadow. You like Caitlins sailboat? She is quite proud of herself. She went from drawing basic stick figures or scribbles to drawing boats, houses, families, etc so quickly that I wondered is she traced something. Nope she has just been on a huge growth kick lately. Her fine motor skills have always had a hard time catching up to the rest of her, but boy when they do they kick it into gear! Her writing has improved tremendously too.

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