Feb 2, 2009

Thankful list

I am naturally kind of an ornery person. Okay that isnt totally true but sometimes I am one of those who cant see the forest through the trees if ya know what I mean. There are so many times that a day will come to a close and I think to myself "Holy cow I was an ornery cuss and we had no fun today!" I working on it, belive me it is a major goal I have this year. To be better. Anyway in hopes to remind myself of the goodness that surrounds me each and everyday, wether the clothes are folded, bills paid, dishes washed etc, I have started a list in the left hand column. I will add more as they come about, as I notice them. Because this year I want to notice all the sweet things that I am blessed with that sometimes I just dont see.

Goodness surrounds me all the time and I just have to see it.

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