Feb 23, 2009

Thrift Store Finds

I am a bargin shopper. I blame/thank my mom for this trait. I cannot in good conscience buy something at full price. Now this is always a good thing until I find an absolutly wonderful pair of knee high leather boots with a sexy heel and great proportioned toe area. Then my thrifty ness sucks. Why, because I can not buy the boots. I know they look amazing on me, I know Dean will want to kiss my calves because they are so tempting and beautiful when molded in leather (and lets face it, it wont stop with the calves if we get that far), and I know that I will wear them till my dying day. However I can not grab my debit card and punch in those 4 little numbers because the boots arent on sale. .....SIGH.... It breaks my heart, really. And so I have tried on nearly all pairs of above mentioned boots at all the nearby shops and even some out of town and yet I do not own a pair. Really it is one of the low points in my thus far fanastic life.

Okay so maybe some of that was a little over the top but ya got to feel passionate about something right. Shoes speak to me. Anyway before I start talking about cute littl high heels or sling backs I better get to the point of this post. Thrift stores. I love them, adore them, sigh over them. They are great. I cam across some really great deals this weekend. I hit the payday on books for the kiddos. I got nearly 50 books that have been on my "every child must read list" for......$20 bucks. Nice right? Oh yeah it was sweet. And I found all of them local here in my little one horse town. Even better. I love the smell of sweet success. Ahhh.

The only thing that would have been better is they had been free. Hey a girl can dream right?

So overall the goals for this month went pretty good. Really we got a lot more accomplished than I planned. We bought more stuff than usual but this was all used and will be put to great use here in the future (come on chant with me....add on....add on....add on). The eating out goal as I said totally sucked but couldnt be totally helped. So over all all goals were met and are in place. Now that is sweet!

Next month I am simplifying my housekeeping stuff. I will most likely shock some of you with what I am going to pull out of my hat this time. I know you will be thinking "Oh this Kim is so entertaining but really are there a few screws look in the ole' noggin? Is she a few cards short of a deck? A few crumbs short of a cookie? I assure you I am quite sane (well right now anyway) and while you may think I am a total weirdo, everyone needs a weird friend. Dont worry you dont have to take me out in public and if you do just say "she's from out of town" everyone will understand. :D
So anyway my point is you may want to check back later, get the scoop on some housekeeping recipes, thoughts, plans and if you are lucky (and I am on the ball) some little worksheet helps if you are into the whole organization thing. I am, its fun being a list maker. Come on join group.


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