Mar 30, 2009

Deep sadness

Last month I had the opprotunity to assist at another birth. It was beautiful and amazing. It was a short labor and the mom did wonderfully. The baby was so cute and sweet. A very peaceful child. All was well.

I received word this morning that this sweet baby has passed away. She got a little cold that stayed for a few days and then seemed to go away. Unfortunatly it didnt go away and in the end took the baby. The family is greiving yet they have the faith that this child has now gone back home. They believe this is what was supposed to happen. The funeral is this week and I hope to attend.

I am stunned by this. A lot of things have been on my mind lately and this once again solidifies my thoughts that we need to live each day to the fullest. We never know when something is going to happen to take a loved one away. I am glad that this family got to spend the month with their daughter and I am so glad that I have had years with mine. Family is infinatly precious and its something that we all need to remember, every single day of our lives.

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