Apr 23, 2009

Our Big News

We are moving. Well we are selling our house anyway, with luck we will be moving. We have someone coming to look tonight so we'll see how it goes.
We have finished the school year with the kiddos. Reading and writing still proves to be Caitlins weak spots so we will be focusing on those during our "break". We really like The Ordinary Parents Guide I think I just need to work in more extra reading to get her moving fluently. Writing is such a drain. She has always had a hard time with her fine motor skills so its no surprise that writing is tough. We will just keep plugging away and with practice it will get better.

I will start the planning for next school year as soon as I finish up with school. I know what curriculum we will be using for the most part, its just the writing of our schedual. Oddly enough one of my fav parts about homeschooling. We will also be starting Ian on a few subjects more seriously which he is excited for.

Chickens that we got for about 3 days before very disgusting things happened and they died. We will try chicks another time.

The kiddos goofing around with dominos. They fight over playing this game because they both swear they can count higher than the other. Lauren just watches the choas.

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Nicole said...

Where are you moving to?