Jun 2, 2009

Garden goods!

The garden is doing great already! Below are the sunflowers the kiddos planted. These are already about 6 inches tall. We love sunflowers so these make us so happy to have growing.

These little strawberry plants were in some sad shape when I finally got around to planting them. They were given to me by a couple of friends and really struggled for the first few weeks. Now we have flowers everywhere and little hard green berries popping up all over the place. :) I hope we are able to get a little harvest before we leave.

These potatoes have grown TONS even since this pic was taken on Sunday. They look fantastic. They are definatly loving the raised beds. And so far no bugs so that is good.

This beautiful lettuce is from Earthbound Farms. They were offering free seeds a few months ago and I happened to get a packet before they ran out. Let me just say this lettuce is YUMMY!! We had a huge harvest the other night and it was soooo good. They have already started to grow leaps and bounds. We will have another harvest ready tomorrow or so.

I wish we didnt have to leave this garden behind but we are excited to get to plant a fall garden at the new place. We have a lot of work to do to get it in gardening shape but we are excited. I will definatly give peas another try with hopefully better luck! :)


Thompson Family said...

ok-somehow I missed the post that you were I back read and the house is for sale?? Did it sale? Where are you moving to?? Portland-oh great we will be so excited to see you...i'm sure you could plant a great garden in beautiful portland-lots of home i sold you yet?? ;0)

Kim said...

:) You know that you wouldnt have to comvince me even that hard to move back to the Northwest! I would LOVE to go back there, its just way to dang pricey. SIGH, someday I will go back.