Jun 9, 2009

Last Months Graduations

Last month my youngest brothers graduated from high school! We all got together for the graduations and spent some time together at my moms house. Below are the pics. The one of Cassie and Me is by far my favorite. One of the only pics of us together ever where I have my eyes open and she doesnt have her tounge out. Love ya Liz! :)

My super fantastic husband and well me. :) No I dont look quiet that ummm plump. Close mut not quiet. Dean on the other hand well he looks as scruptious as always. :D Hmmm hmm
Ring around the rosies.

Munchin' on bread.

Slobbery wet kisses.

Okay if you have ever wondered why I rarely post pics of myself below is an award winning example. I am truely the least photogenic person on the planet and for nearly 28 years all photos of me have looked this bad. Its horrible and embarassing but there you have it!


One happy gooffy girl.

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Nicole said...

Wow! I can't believe the twins are old enough to graduate! I feel old. Your family looks great. Tell them hi from me.