Jun 15, 2009

Random stuff as usual

The garden is looking incredible! Seriously. Its just my luck that the garden is growing so well to only have us moving in 2 weeks! Go figure. I wish I had pics to share because it would blow you away (well the lettuce and potatoes anyway) compared to the pics I posted 2 weeks ago. I am excited to get working on the new garden though. I have big plans and since we have more space in a better layout its gonna be great! :)

Other than that nothing intresting going on here. The kids and I have been working on packing and getting odds and ends done. Well the theory is we are doing those things, mostly I lay on the couch and mentally pack and clean. :D What can ya do? Today is a pretty good day thus far so I will definatly be getting some things done. I want to pack all the extra kitchen stuff, linens, and other odds and ends. We are hopefully going to take a trip to the new place this weekend and will take a bunch of boxes and other things with us. Lots of things to do in the next few weeks I really hope that my energy holds out.

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