Aug 26, 2009

And we're going again.

School started for the kiddos 2 weeks ago. So far so good. It's amazing how having a little experiance with something makes you much more relaxed with it. Last year with homeschooling we tried a lot of things and bagged a lot of things. I really got to figure out what makes miss Cailtin tick and how to get things to work. This year just knowing what I learned has helped so much. We really amped it up with expectations and such and she has met those new "rules" head on. It has been great so far. Now of course things haven't gone totally smooth but I think the year ahead shows some great promise. I started Ian on reading this morning for the second time. I tried a few months ago but the attention span just wasnt there. Today he practically begged me so we did it. He gets a little embarassed because it is so new but he enjoyed it. I hope that we can keep it up and he will be reading soon. Reading has been Caitlins biggest struggle (mostly because we used such a crappy book last year and had to start from scratch so late in the yaer!) but we are already seeing so much improvment in the last couple of months. She still is fluent and smooth but its coming.

School has also started for Dean and I this week. Wow I am already overwhelmed. I am going to have to try really hard to stay caught up. I am taking one class that I dont think is going to be a fly through class. I may actually have to read the text this year. lol I hate when that happens.

We start the basement remodel in two weeks. Can I jsut say that I am seriously looking forward to not having a nasty creepy scary movie type space down there? I will be so glad when it is done. Luckily it wont take too much time as there isnt a lot we have planned for it. I will take some before and after pics for your viewing pleasure.

The pregnancy is going well. I am beat most days, have the blasted heartburn issue again and feel like a bloated whale but its all good. Had the dr. appointment a couple of weeks ago. The placenta at this point is laying over my scar. Not good. If it doesnt move before baby is born then we will have a pretty gruesome delivery. I am not pleased about this development to say the least. Because I am prone to anemia and low blood pressure I have pumped up the iron supplement and bought an exersice machine. My hope is to get far away from the anemia threshold and to work out enough to keep my blood pressure at a bit more "comfortable" level just in case I do have to deal with major blood loss. I will most likly have a harder recouvery this time because of a few issues I am dealing with. If the placenta does in fact attach over the scar then I definatly will have a much harder recovery. I know c-sections serve a purpose but in my case all they have done is create medical issues for me. If I could sue I would, just to make myself feel better. Stupid............bleep.......bleep.......... Okay sorry, I am a bit bitter about the hand dealt in this case.
Okay well there you have it for now. :)

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