Sep 2, 2009

Our life in Pics

Here are a few things from our life. Remodeling the basement, Gardening and kiddos. The same stuff but it changes all the time.

Fav things that have happened:

Caitlin lost her first tooth in the middle of the night. To hear the wonder in her voice at 3am made me chuckle for quite a while.

Caitlin squealing "Oh daddy this is exactly what a happy family does!" (They were having a leaf fight last Saturday.)

Lauren finally said Please instead of "eh." Her vocab is great if you can understand her.

Ian is Ian. Full of trouble and sweetness.

PS dont mind the "trash". Its actaully a bunch of boxes laid out to stop the weeds. It will be covered with mulch when we tear the back tree down in the next few weeks. I will stop the weeds if it kills me!!

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