Sep 10, 2009

Food Stuffs

Okay so dont mind the picture. We have given up on plates today and were just eating pieces right off the cookie sheet! :) But I had to share because this was a very yummy breakfast. No it isnt cake but it is close enough. Its a Frosted Banana Bar . It came up on allrecipes when I did a breakfast search. I read the first couple ingredients and figured "Sweet I can use the bananas up." I didnt however continue down to find that it is frosted. Not the thing my kids need in the morning! This morning we made them anyway and they are soooo yummy! Next time we will leave off the frosting because these could totally stand on their own with some fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Anyway give them a try, and dont feel bad when you abandon plates too. They are just too good!

The days (or 2) efforts. 5 pints hamburger dill slices, 10 quarts spicy dill pickles (Oh these are incredible!!) and 8 pints fresh salsa. Not all is pictured here obviously! The kitchen smells incredible right now. All I want is some fresh toritilla chips!

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