Sep 23, 2009

A little change up

I was tired of trying the two blog thing. One or the other always got ignored and then I felt guilty because there is so much to say. So now I have merged my two blogs together again. Those of you who come to read about the garden may have to wade through pics of the kids, those who only want the cute stuff will have to slog through garden and cooking. Sorry deal with it. :) Hopefully I can get into the swing of things and blog everyday like I want too.

So anyway I have brought over some cool links for educational fun stuff (ie free!), books lists, etc. I will have to link to all my housekeeping sheets again as I lost them all in the transfer. Blogger isnt letting me change a bunch of stuff today so the look will change again here soon. Bear with me.

So up next:

a 6wk organizing challange my friend Dallas shared on her blog, my meal planning all up and going, cute pics of the kids and a poor sweet frog, and with any luck the finished basement.

Check back later this week and I will get on it! :)

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