Oct 16, 2009

New glorious information center

Here is the (nearly) completed dining room, or as I affectionately call it the information center. This is new addition to my life has been a life saver already. Why you ask? Well because it finally gives me all the room I need to keep things from overtaking the counter tops! Here's what we've got going....

Calender- This is one of my fave ideas (which I am sure isn't original at all!). I had these two really great windows that were given to us. They stared at me every time I walked past "Hey you, psst, don't use us in a chicken coop we are way to cool, old, and refined for that. Find something better." They nagged at me, called to me, and really became a pest. Anyway needing a little crafty something to do last weekend I figured it out. Calendar and picture holder! So the (really really bad) pic below is the calender. The red lines are marked on the back of the pane of glass. This way I can erase and change each month, activity, etc without erasing the whole grid. Yes I know there are only 5 boxes per week. This is because we go by the seat of our pants around here on the weekends, I only schedule stuff for the week days. By only putting 5 days I was able to have the notes column on the side. LOVE THIS. I can write reminders, thoughts etc. in this column. Love it so far!!

The second pane of glass was gridded (oh I love old wood grid windows!). I made and inserted fabric squares into 3 of the grids. This helps to keep all the pictures, cards and business cards in check (instead of under the fridge!). These panels were so easy to make! Caitlin helped me and it took us all of 15 minutes start to finish.

The shelf underneath is for small items like our canisters of pens and pencils. Homeschooling in such a small space makes me crazy sometimes as it can get really hectic and chaotic feeling at times. Having this set up combined with the built in desk has made organization SO much better. "A place for everything, and everything in it's place." is the motto back here!

The funky half wall or cork isn't finished yet. This wonderful idea I LOVE! I put the up as a place to hang all the visual aids I use for school. I can just tack up a letter card, picture, memory verse, etc and not only is it visible anywhere in the room but it is kept nice and tidy. I will extend the cork the the end of the shelf line and then trim the bottom with a piece of oak quarter round that we have. It looks awesome.

The black dresser you see was once...I hate to admit this.....a ghastly shade of baby blue. Now before you throw tomatoes, it wasn't my doing. It was painted something like 15 years ago when Deans only paint choices were blue or white. Even though it was baby blue I will give him props for choosing color instead of dreary white. Anyway after a nice new coat of black paint this baby looks very different! I still need to get handles for it but already it has cut paper clutter in half!
The top two drawers are used for bills. They are divided inside, one slot for bills to pay, another for things that need to be filed, receipts, one for home school info that I need to keep handy, and at this point a misc. slot I have yet to name.
The second row of drawers is for all the supplemental readings we will be doing throughout the semester. In these drawers I have books for our life science study, history figures, poetry etc. This makes it quick to grab and go without searching all the other bookshelves in the house.

The third row of drawers is for the kids. They each get one to keep whatever their little hearts can't get rid of. All the paper airplanes Ian can cram in there will be saved I am sure as will all of Caitlin's notes and lists (Boy that child is so me!!!). This will save my sanity and their creations from the trash.

We still haven't finished the ceiling (its a big project) but over all everything is working out great. In the end there will be a few more shelves added and a couple of other things here and there (like a key holder). As it sits right now sits right now though I am pleased as punch. :) How's that for a little organization baby!!

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Dallas and Shelby Scoffield said...

Wow. That's all I have to say! I hope my laundry room/mud room looks that great after it's overall. I love love love the calendar idea- super cute.