Oct 14, 2009

Simple School Projects

Check out some of our a current art and other projects we have worked on lately.

This is an oragami book about the body systems that I found on homeschool share . It is part of a larger lapbook project but for our purposes it works well like this.
The size of this book is pretty big which of course the kids love.
Our fall nature book was inspired by a project found in Craft for all Seasons at our local library. Definatly work the .01 to buy on Amazon!

The inner "pages" are actually baggies. This allows the kids to find things on our nature walks and save them for later.

This one includes the sunflower seeds out of our garden. You would have thought the kids found a million bucks instead of seeds. The squeals of delight were pretty entertaining.

Another craft idea found in the Craft for all Seasons book. Leaf prints using markers, glue, and coffee filters. The kids loved this one! It is now hanging on our front door as a welcome sign. This worked great to tie in with our poem for the week "An Autumn Greeting"

Doesn't she look thrilled!? These are our mosaic bookmarks we made as a time filler this morning. :) The kids thought I was crazy for telling them to rip up paper. Beleive me though, they dug in real quick when they saw I was serious about making a mess!

I have found that giving the kids hands on projects (no matter how small) have really helped improve their moods and concentration levels for school subjects. I will be browsing more craft ideas to tie in with the coming poetry lessons as well as science and history, not to mention just fun ones!

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Dallas and Shelby Scoffield said...

love all the art projects- how fun!