Jan 31, 2010

Spring Fever

Caitlin got hold of the camera yesterday. She was the only kid not sick so she tested out her creativity with the camera.

She took this one too. Not to bad if I may say so. We now have pictures of lips, the garbage can, the ceiling, lots of her feet, and a few other odds and ends. She had a blast using the camera.

This is what I did yesterday. Gone is the red and gold/tan/whatever color it was kitchen. Now it is muted sage. Although I dont think its very sagey nor muted. Doesnt matter though, it looks great. It makes the whole room look bigger. Next project to finish it off.....valances. I am thinking something in black and white with red, pink, lime (somthing that will pop) accents. Who knows what I will find though.

Our fridge took a nose dive and here is what we have now. I love craigslist....I have to say it again, I love craigslist. We were able to get the fridge and the stove for the cost of a bare bones fridge. Amazing deal seriously! We didnt need the stove but you know me, things have to match so here we are. I am loving it so far, although the stainless steel sure shows marks/finger prints more that the old white model. Still its love and I am okay with it. :)

This is what we do when spring fever hits around here. We redecorate, paint, organize and clean.....oh and take pictures of noses.

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Thompson Family said...

looks great!!!