Feb 9, 2010

Late Winter

Ahhh late winter my least favorite time of year. I am always so antsy to get outside again and work in the garden that I dont fully appreciate the ending of the season. The weather hasnt helped either. Its been 40ish degrees a few times in the past week. Ahhh I love the smells of things starting to thaw. Its almost as good as the scents of Autumn....almost. ;) The seed catalogs have all arived and I am resisting looking at them. I have a lot of seeds left over from last year that I need to use up. However I am not one to pass by a new heirloom tomato variety. I did order some organic strawberry and tomato food since our soil here is so poor. I also ordered some red plastic mulch for the tomatoes. Its supposed to produce better yeilds and keep the plants healthier.
I am tempted to start my plants but I am holding out just a little longer. I warned Dean that its almost time to turn the kitchen into a greenhouse.
I am curious to see how the fruit trees faired this winter. I noticed that one was knocked over completely by the neighbors dogs. (SIGH) I doubt it made it. We will see though. I saw the irises under the front window starting to peak up. Seeing the bright green made me smile. Soon it will all be coming alive again.

A few weeks ago we ordered the kiddos instruments. Ian desperatly wants Dean to teach him to play the guitar and Caitlin has been begging to get back to the violin. Oh boy you should have heard the squealing that occured here today when the UPS man pulled in the driveway. They were so extatic you couldnt understand what they were saying as they were jumping up and down on the couch.

When Ian plays his tounge barely pokes out the corner of his mouth. It reminds me of my granpa every time I see him do this. Along with the instruments we recieved most of our order of school supplies for next year. I am excited to start reading and planning. You know me, I love nothing better than a plan.

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Nicole said...

Cute! I really want my kids to learn the violin!