Mar 16, 2010

Wanna hear something gross?

I have fishing line coming out of my stomach. Okay it really isn't fishing line but it looks like it. When I had Laina I also had a nasty hernia repaired (oh the things children do to your body!). They used some sort of suture called a subticular (sp???) stitch. It is basically really thick fishing line. Its supposed to dissolve within 6 weeks. I have one small stitch that hasn't dissolved yet.
So.....I went in last Monday to be cut yet again and have the pokey little sucker removed. They cut, removed, bandaged and Viola! no more stitch. Um yeah not quite.

This morning the small scab had come off and there is the stitch poking out of me!! Its kind of violating and sort of Sci Fi looking. My Dr. is out of the office for the week and I have a hole in my stomach. Hmmm what to do? Should I sterilize some finger nail clippers and just take off the part sticking out? Should I wait till he's back in town? Do I try and see someone else? Do I leave it and hang holiday decorations off of it? (Okay not really that is just wrong that I typed that!)

Wish I had the camera here to share the weirdness with everyone. You all should be glad I don't. There is a whole lot scarrier stuff hanging out under my shirt than just fishing line!

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The Rice's said...

Holy crap that is totally crazy. You hear about stuff like that happening but never to someone you know. Didn't they have any advise for you? Or suggest you talk to another doctor or nurse at least? I totally cracked up at the hanging holiday decorations on it, take a picture if you do that. Haha. Keep us updated!