May 10, 2010

New kitchen island

This here is our new kitchen island. The after is posted here in the wrong order so check out the before first. We started this project with an old dresser. Dean built a small bookshelf for the back. We took the top off the dresser and cut the legs. Then he stuck the dresser on a base, attached the bookshelf and then added the wood top. I really wanted a butcher block top but really who can affod that? So we used some unfinishe hardwood flooring. We will sand the top down so it is nice and smooth and then seal it with mineral oil.

We gained a lot storage space as well as prep space. Since I am rarely alone in the kitchen, the extra counter space will really be nice.

I will share more pictures once we get the top finished and sealed.

The finished back of the new island. This spot faces the dining room. Each cube is 12x12 inches and is the perfect spot for the juicer, food processor, wheat grinder, and other things. I especially love the long shelf in the middle. It is perfect for our griddle!

Installing the wood flooring.

Front of the dresser. The drawers were removed and shelves were fitted. Most of this still looks the same except the legs are chopped off. It now sits on a base.

Back of the old dresser. This dresser was only about 15 inches deep. We added another 12 when combined with the bookshelf.
Happy Monday everyone!

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Nicole said...

Cool! You are so handy!