May 16, 2010

Sunday Snapshots: Shoshone Falls

We skipped out of church today. I know tsk tsk. It was such a beautiful day and the kids were capital O ornery (we were travelling all day yesterday). Upon seeing the sun I had the need to go hiking. Have you ever tried to find a hiking trail in the desert? Let me tell you it isnt easy considering there aren't any mountains around. The closest ones are 2 hours away. Sooooo instead we headed to the park and Shoshone Falls. We had a great time.

The kids we thrilled to be "hiking" up this small dirt trail that lead to a large rock. The slid down and covered themselves in dirt.

The Perrine Bridge.

Shoshone Falls. The falls weren't that full today. They are breathtaking when they are totally full.

Checking a little run off stream.

Ian found a stick and a peice of rope. Viola, a fishing pole is born!

Caitlin used her stick to flig smooshy stuff everywhere and to find snakes.

Yummy! My hunk a burnin' love!

Run off

Cool squishy green moss. I love moss. I wish I could have a moss collection....but it would die here in my desert back yard. So sad.

Cool washed up seed pods from the huge trees in Shoshone Falls park.
Hope everyone had a splendid Sunday!

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