Jun 16, 2010

Leisure time

The nice weather has finally come (well except today that is!) and we have spent most of out time outside. Everyone but me (the families pet albino) has tanned up nicely with sun streaked hair. Its been wonderful. Last night we spent some time with friends. Caitlin is obssesed with horses and they happen to have three. Her day was made when she actually got to ride one around for a while. Here a few shots from their place....

Yesterday evening Cailtin came in the house shreiking about the cool thing they found. She wouldn't say what it was only that we MUST.COME.NOW. So out we went. Here is what we saw......Know what that is? Its about a million spider babies! Unfortunately because they are so small I couldn't get a good picture. So all the little tan specks? Yeah those are creepy crawly spiders.

Sunday evening we took a little drive around the area. I wanted to get a couple of great pics of the local birds but no such luck. Instead I get shots of things that dont move, like sagebrush.

In case you are one of the lucky ones that lives in an area of the world that is not familiar with the sage brush sea here is a wonderful pic of it. This is the view that stretches F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Its sad but there you have it.

We are planning a trip to Portland Or next month. Dean will start a new job and needs to spend a month up there. Dang. Its my favorite city so it will definately be torture to have to see green trees and flowers and such. I am heartbroken that we have to go somewhere so lovely. I think I will recouver though don't worry. The awesome things about it is my sister lives there also so we will get to hang out. Parks, yard sales, cooking, yes it will be fun! After Portland we will be switching things up with a little re-decorating, rearranging rooms, etc. Just wait till you see the before and after pics of that one!


Nicole said...

pretty pics. You're becoming quite the photographer :)

Kim said...

:) Thanks Nicole. One of these days I am going to get a fancy camera and take a photography class. I'd love to take pictures all day long!!