Jun 6, 2010

Sunday Snapshots: Rain Rain

To say we have had rain as of late is an understatment! Everyday it has rained for hours on end. Everything has grown by leaps and bounds because of all this extra moisture. It really has been wonderful even though I have complained a couple of times!

The grass out front has gone wild. Dean mowed it last week in a brief dry sunny moment. However it didn't last long enough to weed eat.

I love these rocks! I have taken many pictures of them in different light and conditions. Who knew a pile of rocks could make a girl smile?

My neighbor has an entire corner of their lot covered in wild roses. They come through onto our yard just a little. Every year they bloom in a riot of yellow. They always make me smile. These two little roses were hidden down in the brush.

The Irises are loving the rain. I think they look spectacular wet!

Another favorite of mine. Wet logs and weeds. Something about them makes me think of spending my childhood summers in Island Park Idaho with my grandparents. Makes me think of them everytime!

Okay, hopfully you see this Mr.H......what kind of mushrooms are these babies? They are growing everywhere we put mulch down and along side the garden beds where the soil and wood meet. Are they edible?

Remember that patchy grass a few weeks back? Here she is now. Seriously, the grass has gone crazy!! Most of it comes up to my ankles now. The kids are in heaven with so much play area!

More little shrooms growing in the broccoli bed.

Our first head of broccoli. If the weather holds we should be able to get a couple nice sized heads. If it freaks and get hot really quick....well then we will eat this little guy.

This is the garden looking west. Top are peas, potatoes in the corner, broccoli and cauliflower in the foreground and onions on the other side. Everything looks wonderful in the rain.

You might be wondering what this sad little thing is....its actually one of our best looking tomatoes. Like every year the weather has switched and killed the tomatoes. I planted this on a day it was nearly 80 degrees. The next day we had a huge hail storm and nearly constant rain since. We have had a couple good frosts too. While most of the garden has loved this, sadly the tomatoes have not.

The cucmbers didn't care for the weather either. I have yet to grow a cucumber. Sad.

The load of weeds I cleaned out of the strawberries and mint today. It was raining and I was soaked and muddy but it felt wonderful. Everything smelled so alive and wonderful!
Have a great week everyone!


Mr. H. said...

Your weather is very similar to ours and everything is so very green...look at that broccoli, very nice. Too bad about the hail storm, your tomatoes will probabely recover but that cucumber looks pretty sad.

So, I am pretty sure that is an Inky Cap mushroom. unfortunately there are a few different types and not all are edible. The ones that I am familiar with are shaggy manes. They are delicious if picked and eaten right away before the inky black starts to show. The one in your picture might be one of the non-edible ones though.:(



Kim said...

Thanks for the link. Looking at the different types I dont think it is an edible one either. Thanks for helping me out!

Nicole said...

It looks so green! It's already dried up here. And I don't think my pathetic little garden is going to make it. You'll have to lend me your green thumb.